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Del horno a la mesa de tu hogar

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For Aranda de Duero orders: When orders are placed, shipping costs will be charged, these will be reimbursed later, the first business day after the order.

Instrucciones de preparación en casa


Shipping costs included in orders over € 95

1. If the order is from Aranda de Duero:


When orders are placed, shipping costs will be charged, these will be reimbursed later, the first business day after the order.

-The deliveries will be made between 1pm-3pm.

-Orders for Aranda must be made before Friday at 12 noon.

2. If your order is from anywhere in Spain (peninsula).

We roast and ship Monday through Thursday.


The estimated delivery time for 80% of the orders is 24 to 48 hours. However, at the end of the week the agencies are overflowing and some orders are left undistributed, so we advise to calculate an extra 48 hours in advance in your order (Remember that the product is vacuum packed and at no time is the cold chain broken so you can keep it in the fridge for more than 30 days).


We consider that it is better to have the product in the refrigerator fridge for two days than to be disappointed that because it does not arrive on time.

For small towns, the distribution takes place one day a week, so planning has to be greater. (If they go only on Tuesdays, it is of little use to order on Monday for it to arrive on Friday because it will not be possible).


If you need more information about transport in your area, you can call directly

Telephone to follow up the order 947 50 32 66 - 947 51 13 51

It will arrive vacuum packed, but with all its flavor because it will also be freshly made.


3. If your order is a gift


The same as the two previous options, but add the telephone number and the name of the person who is going to receive it, in case there is any doubt in the distribution.



Vacuum packing is controlled in each quarter of lamb. Since it is a product that contains small bones, it happens that during transport the vacuum of some of the deliveries may be lost. This does not pose any risk, since the product is almost fresh when it is shipped and can then last three days without vacuum in perfect condition in the refrigerator. In case the vacuum has been lost and you want to consume it some time later, it can be frozen and consumed later when you want.


It is a handmade product that we make with all possible care and avoid that it may be stored for a long time. That is why we roast twice a week, so that the product is as fresh as possible.


In any case, if you want any additional information, you can contact us by email at


Thank you very much and enjoy your meal.

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