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Domingos de Lechazo is an initiative that arose as a result of the situation generated in our region by the COVID crisis. It was born from the Diario de la Ribera newspaper and, later, other companies and people who contribute their grain of sand have been added, giving classes in sports activities, psychology talks, conferences on local culture, health councils, etc.

Why did this project come from a newspaper? Journalism is seeing what happens and telling it. It is to act if something can be contributed to the common good. In our newsroom, we saw and told news related to the problems of our livestock. As a result of that, we decided to help the sector in the only way we know how: by mobilizing people.

A newspaper is a living entity. We have news, but we feel so involved with Aranda and la Ribera that for this reason we launched Domingos de Lechazo. We are Begoña, Andrés, Enguel, Roberto, Marga, Irene, María, Julio, Manuel and Rober, people from here who coordinate projects to help the people here. Without political parties or anything similar in between. Just wanting to help each other.

And to enjoy a good quarter of lamb!

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