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¡Disfruta del mejor sabor del lechazo asado de Aranda de Duero!

Del horno a tu mesa

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1. You deserve a special moment.


2. Let's sustain our cattle industry


3. Reactivate our economy.


4. Enjoy the best products.


5. Send it as a gift to those you love the most


Cuidemos de lo nuestro

Instrucciones de preparación en casa

Let's take care of what is ours

Cuarto de Lechazo IGP Castilla y León, roasted in an oak wood oven.

It is not just another dish for Arandinos and Ribereños. It is a dish with which we celebrate our most important moments. It is culture, it is tradition, it is an important piece of our history and, now, more than ever, we have to support this sector.


Other products can wait, but not sheep farming, because suckling lambs are no longer so. Therefore, to support this sector together and in the best possible way, we collaborate with restaurants and sheep farmers in our area so that on Sundays you can enjoy the best lamb roasted in a wood oven at home.


You will receive it freshly made to enjoy a unique moment!


I gift

You can enjoy the roast suckling lamb room at home or you can send it as a gift to your friends or loved ones. Surely if your parents, your children, or some friends who receive this gift, they will put the best of their smiles. We take it home.


All you have to do, when placing the order, is indicate that it is a GIFT, in additional requirements, put the delivery address of the person you want to send it to.


You are sure to meet people who deserve to receive this gift and it is time to do so.

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Five reasons to order

1. You deserve a unique moment. Make Sunday a special day, keep that spirit of breaking with routine in yourself, because not all days are the same. For that, nothing better than a roast lamb to eat.


2. Let's sustain our cattle industry. Sheep farming has always been a punished sector and, like everyone else, they need to maintain a certain level of income. The suckling lambs bought here will always come from farmers in our area and a decent price will be paid for them.


3. Let's reactivate our economy. The local restaurant sector is very important in the economy of our area. Therefore, with this activity (to which all restaurants can be added), we will keep our economy beating.


4. Enjoy the best products. Roast suckling lamb IGP Castilla y León, roasted in our stone oven with oak wood.


5. Send it as a gift to those you love the most. You can make the order for yourself, but you can also give it to whoever you want, sending the order to your loved ones and making them smile.


Enjoy your meal!

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